State-of-the-art Security System

The building is monitored 24x7 via a digital CCTV system, while all access points of the building including lobbies and parking areas are being controlled via speed-gates, parking barriers and highly trained personnel.

Fiber-Optic Communication System

The building is equipped with an in-house fiber-optic building network ensuring high-bandwidth/high-availability, end-to-end fiber optic redundant data connectivity. The building infrastructure entertains all high-demand applications required by the tenant e.g. Video Conferencing.

Integrated Building Management System (IBMS)

All sub-systems of the complex including HVAC , Health & Safety (Fire, Access Control, CCTV), Mechanical, Electrical, Elevators, etc. are being controlled by the country’s first truly 'Integrated Building Management System'. This system enables operators to achieve the maximum degree of energy management, while giving a high degree of control over all operational aspects of building function in a unified manner.

Voice Data Infrastructure

The building has a Tier-2 data centre with a capacity to be scaled to a Tier-3 facility. This data centre hosts all the building sub-systems. The building also has a dedicated Optical Network Unit to provide maximum flexibility and reliability in order to cater to all kinds of voice circuits required by the tenants.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Uninterrupted supply of electric power to tenants is ensured via fully redundant system of power generation.

Centrally Air-Conditioned

The building is centrally air conditioned with IBMS climatic controlled system that provides a comfortable and pleasant environment to work in. Specific provisions have also been made for server room air conditioning complete with back up facilities.

Centralized Mail Room and Cargo Delivery Area

The building is equipped with a centralized mail room and cargo delivery area. Mail collections and cargo deliveries are received at one point to avoid unauthorized personnel access to the tenant offices and to ensure the safety and convenience of the building occupants.

NFPA Compliant Fire Alarm/Suppression System

A typical tenant floor has its own integrated fire alarm and fire suppression system consisting of smoke detectors, voice evacuation system, sprinkler system, smoke extraction system and two fire-proof exit doorways and stair walls for the safety of the building occupants.

Reserved Tenant and Visitor Parking Facility

Employing the highest standards of global parking facilities, The Harbour Front’s parking is especially managed and maintained for the occupants of the building is fully illuminated, fire-controlled and uses a hi-tech security system function. Access to the reserved parking area is controlled by means of electronic vehicle tags.

Valet Parking Facility

The facility of valet parking is available for the convenience of both the tenants and their visitors.

High-Speed Elevator

Access to tenant floors is made easy and comfortable through six high speed, large capacity Mitsubishi elevators.

Direct Access to the Food court & Shopping Mall

Direct access is available to the country’s largest shopping mall, Dolmen Mall Clifton, directly through a dedicated and secured entrance at Level 2.