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Miserable Monday

miserablemondaymc-h2Espresso organized ‘the Miserable Monday Campaign’ at The Harbor Front (THF) on the 18th of March 2013. The idea behind the campaign was to excite people and make them look forward to Monday; a day which most consider the toughest and most tiring day of the week.

A day long activity was arranged by Espresso whereby free coffee was provided to the professionals who work at THF. Coffee cards were also handed out, which promised the customers a coffee on the house after his/her fourth coffee and a branded Espresso mug.

The day started like any other working day but soon transformed into a lively, exciting one as people gathered in the lobby around the Espresso Kiosk to get their free coffees. The turnout was quite over whelming and the campaign was well received to say the least. People were delighted with Espresso arranging the campaign especially for them.